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Thinkium is a public blockchain infrastructure aiming to facilitate Internet level large-scale applications and bridge the physical world and the digital world to launch the era of Web 3.0.

As a global public chain and an infrastructure of blockchain, we don’t recognise borders — just amazing talent. For this genesis event, we are particularly looking for ambassadors in South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. If you’re in the Antarctic or Arctic, that would be cool too…

Maybe you have witnessed the explore of ETH in 2017, maybe you have experienced the break out of SOL\BNB\FTM in 2021.or maybe your all miss those chances.

What attributes make a great ambassador?

Well, it depends on what your skills are! This can be technical prowess or brash eye-catching visuals — whatever suits you as a person!

1. Event organisers

Will need to have a strong network of crypto industry or blockchain develop community and pull off excellent events, working to small and large budgets, catering to all users and developers. We have technical contributors who want to fight centralization and those who have a passing interest — how do you appeal to everyone?

As an event organisers,your rewards depends on case.If you take part in and fulfill official organize event,you can get reward according to the event plan. If you organize an event spontaneous, you can make a proposal to foundation including what you want to do, what target will your event achieved,how long the event keep running, how many budget you want. After your proposal approved, you can running event and get rewards accordingly.

2. Moderators

Will be an essential part of our future. As a moderator, you will be the glue that keeps the conversation happening. Well versed and adept at moderating various channels across Discord, Telegram, Reddit and others, you will share content and stoke up the conversation!

As moderators, your rewards depends on the active in various channels. We will assess the activity of ambassador monthly and give the Top 5 rewards.

3. Influencers

Will need a key leader of media, such as Twitter, Medium, Reddit, Telegram group, Facebook, Youtube and so need to build your Thinkium users or developers community locally and seperately, share the technical and development updates of Thinkium to your community, make sure everyone get insight into Thinkium.

4. Translators

Will need an excellent grasp of English as well as, of course, fluency in at least one other language. You’ll be taking complex concepts and translating them into localised languages. Your understanding of the context and ability to wrap your head around a decentralised and fair future of blockchain will be essential.

5. Content creators

We want to speak with you! Are you into creating amazing videos that catch the eye, or images that grab attention and share information? Thinkium is a complex beast that needs to be broken down and explained in bite-size chunks that are visually appealing and engaging for different audiences.

As an ambassasor, you are not only get rewards from Thinkium Foundation, most importantly, you get the latest updates of Thinkium development and find the most potential projects on Thinkium ecosystem earlier.

How does it work?

You will need to apply and fill out your details, what is your expertise, what resource you got, what you interesting in and how you think you can be a best ambassador of Thinkium.

From there you will be interviewed by our Community team. Successful applicants will get exclusive access to the Ambassador Team Discord server, including all the tools you will need to spread the good word of Thinkium public chain technical, strategy and support policy around the globe.